• December 2016

    A Moment in History

Around this time, the nation’s first health insurance plan was developed at Baylor Hospital. The “Baylor Plan” was established in 1929 by Baylor administrators during the Great Depression to help area citizens afford hospital care. It is the first prepaid hospital insurance plan in the United States and predecessor of Blue Cross.

StandingEarl Cockrell, Claude Winborn, Cecil Patterson, Jack Kerr, Taylor Pickett, Gordon Smartt, Henry Williams, J.C. Montgomery, Harold Block. Seated: Kermit Jones, Wayne Weaver, Truett Morris, Bryce Twitty, E.M. Dunstan, Edward Ross, Clarence Warrenburg.

A few years after this photo was taken, in 1936, Baylor Hospital was renamed Baylor University Hospital.