• December 2016

    Calling All Alumni

Earlier this year, the Baylor University Medical Center at Dallas Medical Education Alumni Association, officially signed up their first recruits: William Sutker, MD, and Irving Prengler, MD, were the first two members with many other distinguished alumni to follow.

While we have been recruiting alumni on campus who stayed with Baylor Dallas, we are asking for your help finding those who have gone on to practice elsewhere. When you look at our history and how many years of alumni we have graduated, we have a lot of territory to cover.

You can help by forwarding this newsletter or otherwise spreading the word about the Alumni Association to any friends, colleagues or old acquaintances who trained with you at BUMC.

If you are a BUMC Medical Education alumni and received this email from someone you trained with, below is a link to sign-up for future Alumni Association quarterly newsletters and other updates.