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Improved criteria for diagnosing osteomyelitis

Prevalence of the bone infection osteomyelitis (OM) has increased along with the increased prevalence of diabetes. It is estimated that OM is a complication for at least 10% of diabetic foot ulcers and approximately 50% of severe cases. Delays in the diagnosis and treatment of OM can lead to poor patient outcomes and high healthcare costs. However, an accurate and timely diagnosis of OM is hindered by a lack of clear guidelines for histopathological assessment. Therefore, researchers from Baylor Scott & White Research Institute, along with their collaborators, have created a new diagnostic framework for OM.

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New research from BSWRI offers model to identify progression mechanism of, and therapies for, α-Synucleinopathic neurodegenerative disorders

Baylor Scott & White Research Institute researcher Erxi Wu, Ph.D. recently co-authored a paper published in Nature Communications, demonstrating the successful creation of a mouse model of pure autonomic dysfunction caused by α-Syn pathology. Researchers believe this model could help establish mechanistic links between the transmission of pathological α-Syn and the cardinal features of autonomic dysfunction in α-Synucleinopathy.

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Warrior trial seeks to reduce heart disease risk in women

Cardiovascular disease is the leading cause of death in US women. However, many women present with atypical symptoms of cardiovascular disease risk. They often go untreated and are not seen again until a life-threatening cardiac event occurs. Researchers at Baylor Scott & White Medical Center – Temple, TX are participating in a clinical trial aimed at helping these women.

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