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Baylor Scott & White researchers identify a novel site for islet cell transplantation

Patients experiencing the intractable pain of chronic pancreatitis may be candidates for total pancreatectomy followed by autologous islet cell transplantation (TPIAT). This innovative procedure has been documented to be very effective in controlling pain and restoring insulin secretion in a large number of patients. Baylor University Medical Center, (Baylor Dallas) part of Baylor Scott & White Health, has performed more than 200 successful islet cell transplants, placing it among the top five centers in the United States based on total case volume of this procedure.

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Baylor University Medical Center performs 200th islet cell transplant

Baylor University Medical Center at Dallas, part of Baylor Scott & White Health, recently performed its 200th islet cell transplant in a patient with chronic pancreatitis, making Baylor Dallas one of the four largest islet cell transplant programs in the nation in terms of volume. Baylor Dallas is the only hospital in North Texas that performs these transplants.

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