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Next generation total artificial heart as bridge to transplant in landmark trial at BSW

Baylor Scott & White Research Institute was recently selected as one of only seven sites in the nation to participate in the landmark feasibility study of the Carmat Total Artificial Heart (TAH) for transplant-eligible patients in severe, end-stage heart failure. It is also the only site to offer the FDA-approved TAH in the region.

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Research examines trends in mortality and the frequency of major adverse cardiovascular events after kidney transplantation.

Cardiovascular disease is a known determinant of morbidity and mortality in patients undergoing kidney transplantation, which is the commonly chosen treatment for patients with end-stage kidney disease. Researchers for this study sought to examine the rate of major cardiovascular adverse events (MACEs), in the context of an aging transplant population on waitlists, higher diabetic populations and increasing dialysis pre-transplantation, specifically for the perioperative kidney transplantation period.

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Baylor University Medical Center hosts international conference to determine role of liver transplantation in acute alcoholic hepatitis

For decades, transplant programs have performed liver transplants on patients with alcohol-related cirrhosis. Most of these patients have not used alcohol for many months, if not years. However, a small subset of patients—many of them younger and female—are presenting with acute alcoholic hepatitis. Historically, liver transplants have not been performed on these patients.

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