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Two BSW sites enrolling participants in pivotal device trial for post-amputation residual limb pain

Two Baylor Scott & White sites are participating in a phase III trial examining the safety and efficacy of a device designed to electrically block nerve signals and alleviate pain. Use of this device is being studied in association with providing an effective, mechanism-based yet non-destructive, treatment for managing intractable limb pain in amputees. These locations are the only two sites in the state of Texas selected to participate in this trial.

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As Joint Replacements Grow More Popular and Seniors Continue to Live Longer, More Patients May Need Revision Surgeries

When arthritis and other conditions attack the hips, knees and other joints, exercise, hobbies – even a quick stroll across the house – can bring agony. For most patients, joint replacement is a life-changing experience, restoring normal range of motion and allowing a return to normal routines. And as the population ages, the number of replacement surgeries is on the rise.

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