• February 2021

    New research could change clinical practice for cases of unmanaged heartburn

In a recent Grand Rounds presentation, Stuart Spechler, MD, Co-Director of the Center of Esophageal Diseases at Baylor University Medical Center and Co-Director of the Center for Esophageal Research at Baylor Scott and White Research Institute, presented new findings for patients with PPI-refractory heartburn.

Dr. Spechler, together with Rhonda Souza, MD, Co-Director (with Dr. Spechler) of the Center of Esophageal Diseases and the Center for Esophageal Research published findings in the New England Journal of Medicine from a study they participated in which enrolled 366 patients who were referred to VA gastroenterology clinics for heartburn refractory to PPIs. The objectives were to determine what was causing their heartburn, why they were still experiencing symptoms despite using PPIs, and what the best treatment option was for PPI-refractory heartburn that clinical evaluation had established as reflux-related. The study was sponsored by the VA Cooperative Studies Program.

View the full Grand Rounds presentation below.